The 10th Kinosaray
24—28 June 2022
Obyrok Art-Village
The aim of the Kinosaray - Positive Film Festival is to raise awareness the films of all genres which promote a positive attitude to life, world, nature, animals, other people. We are looking for works that will make people feel happiness, love, value friendship.
about the festival
Positive Film Festival
International festival of positive cinema "KINOSARAY" a film festival taking place during the last weekend of June in the very heart of the North Ukraine in Obyrok Art-Village.

The next 10th edition will run 24—28 June 2022.

Projects are accepted from Ukraine, Europe and all Worldwide territories.
History of Kinosaray
Once upon a time there were real small cinemas in Ukrainian villages, where people were able to watch Ukrainian movies. In the 1920s, the All-Ukrainian Photo Cinema Administration organized more than 700 such cinemas in rural areas. In 1930 it was liquidated, in villages cinemas disappeared with it. Will cinema culture return to villages ever? We will tell you about a place where, now in the 21st century, people watch movies lying in a hay.

Every year the Kinosaray festival takes place in the art-village Obyrok in Chernihiv region. This place came back to life thanks to the filmmakers who had moved here.

Movies, videos, and TV shows were filmed here. Good movie has always been valued in Obyrok. To make people feel comfortable, a real cinema appeared on a place of an old barn: they made a screen, brought a projector with speakers, put some fresh hay instead of chairs. This is the place which people had started to call Kinosaray.

A new page in development began when, in 2011, the first large-scale Ukrainian film "Firecrosser" directed by Mykhailo Illyenko was shown in Obyrok. Mykhailo was so inspired with the atmosphere of the place that he suggested making Kinosaray one of the places for showing the "Open Night" Short Film Festival. Now that festival takes place in 100 places in Ukraine and abroad at the same time.

Nine years in a row, filmmakers and those who love watching movies have been coming together to Obyrok in the last weekend of June. During two days of the festival, we screen movies almost non-stop. When we watch Ukrainian films, someone from a creative team will definitely present it for us. So you can immediately communicate with the creators and find out what the author wanted to say.
Awards & Prizes
The statuettes «The Obyroskars» by Fabian Markovich, Argentina
Grand Prix for the Best film of International Competition program.

Award for the Best film in each category of Competition program:

- Short International Fiction Film
- Short International Documentary Film
- Short International Animation Film
- Short Ukrainian Fiction Film
- Short Ukrainian Documentary Film
- Short Ukrainian Animation Film
- Award for Short International Film for kids
- Film about Sustainability

Special Award of Leonid Kanter.
The Festival and also organises special events such as film and animation workshops and a hackathons. Its old tradition to explain youth, that everyone can be a part of cinema world.
Mobile Animation Workshop by Radion Shub
Contact us:
Phone: +38 095 790 81 20
Kinosaray, Prohory, 12
Obyrok Art-Village,
16514 Ukraine
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